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We sell Georgian folk music CDs here

Since November 2011 shipping company increased the cost of their service by 50%, but the cost of our service remains the same. Even more, starting November 24, 2012 we provide one DVD or CD disk free of charge as Christmas free gift. Please, be advised that the shipping service we use does not accept PO Boxes as your shipping address. Please, be advised that we use shipping service which does not accept PO Boxes as your shipping address. Please use your private or office addresses only .

Please, send me an e-mail for disk availability and issuing an invoice. tkancheli[@]me4u.biz (remove brackets) /h2>
Delivery to any point of the world usually takes up to 14 working days.

Georgian music culture is acknowledged in many countries of the world. We have designed Best Georgian Music website http://georgian-music.com in order to let people to listen to the streaming Georgian music of different genres on-line. And we get request from that website, which we try to satisfy through this e-store.

Since shipping of merchandise from Georgia is rather expensive, unfortunately we have to sell CDs in sets which contain 3 or more CDs. You can choose any music CDs from http://georgian-music.com and request from 3 to 7 CDs (same of different titles) in the set to be put on the e-store. If you need more CDs, please contact me (i will provide you with discount). We maintain contacts with music recording studious and CD manufacturing companies.

Please, contact me beforehand on the availability of the CD. 

Buy the set of three Georgian music CDs
(minimal amount)

Price: USD 39
Shipping: USD 30
Handling: USD 0
Total: USD 69
Buy the set of four Georgian music CDs

Price: USD 49
Shipping: USD 30
Handling: USD 0
Total: USD 79
Buy the set of five Georgian music CDs

Price: USD 55
Shipping: USD 30
Handling: USD 0
Total: USD 85
Buy the set of six Georgian music CDs
Price: USD 60
Shipping: USD 33
Handling: USD 0
Total: USD 93
Buy the set of seven Georgian music CDs
Price: USD 70
Shipping: USD 33
Handling: USD 0
Total: USD 103

Georgian folk music CD

  1. Kolkhuri Trio - Recorded in 2006
  2. Soinari. Ksovrelebi - Recorded in 2006
  3. Tamarioni. Love Songs 2003
  4. Funeral Georgian Chants. 2004
  5. The Ensemble Nekrissi - 2003.
  6. Quintet Urmuli (vol.2).
  7. Georgian Voices (mukhambazi - Tbilisi - 2003). 16 traditional songs. Genre: folk.
  8. Georgian Voices (2003). 18 traditional songs. Genre: folk.
  9. Gvinis agmartis medudukeebi. The duduki-players of vine slop. (2002). Fifteen City tunes for Georgian supra.
  10. Mr. Nugzar Psuturi. Genre (Folk) 2002
  11. Folk ensemble MAMULI. Khero.
  12. Sameba (2001) Genre - folk
  13. Nana Bojgua album Genre: folk. Album: Love symphony.
  14. Vocal Ensemble Tbilisi. The Road. 1982 - 2002. Genre - folk. 19 pieces.
  15. Vocal Ensemble "Universitety" (2002). Folk songs. 17 pieces.
  16. Lela Sikharulidze. Album: Gedis Simgera. Folk songs.
  17. Hamlet Gonashvili. Tsintskaro album. - 2003.
  18. Hamlet Gonashvili - Collection of songs. 2003.
  19. Gogi Dolidze. Album: The Voice of Georgia.

You can also buy sheet music from here.
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